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Bulk stockfeed available

  • New season Meadow Hay in store now
  Conventional Med Square Large Square XL Square  Rounds
Meadow Hay $16 $125/bale N/A
Red Clover Hay $18 N/A N/A
Clover Mix Hay $18 N/A N/A
Barley Straw $15



A $360/tonne
Wheat Straw A $340/tonne
Baleage A


Ex Store

Baleage (Lucerne) N/A
Brown Top Hay N/A
Pea Straw $18 $120 A
Rye Straw N/A N/A N/A enquire N/A


*All prices are GST exclusive

*Items priced include cartage (Unit Loads Only) Wellington to Waikato 

We source our hay, straw, baleage and other animal feed from all over the country, helping to provide you with quality feed all year round. All of your farm feed supplies direct to your door, at great prices, so you can keep your farm running smoothly. 

  • A = Available
  • NA = Not currently available
  • For all other stock, please enquire below. 


For all unit loads and bulk enquiries contact Neville on 027 500 3554, or complete the form below to let us know how we can help.