Grains & Meals

New Zealand made animal feed

Proudly NZ made. Our animal feed and farm supplements are a specialty mix of quality ingredients from around the country

Keeping your animals healthy

We mix our grains and meals to suit your animals. Whether its for your horse, calf, kid goat, poultry, sheep or other animals, we've got all the animal feed and farm supplements that you need. 

Specially designed animal feeds and supplements

Experts in our field, we manufacture our own specially designed animal feeds for your stock. We've created quality mixes that provide all the nutrients to help your animals reach their peak form.

#1 brands

We also stock many other top brands of animal feed and farm supplements to ensure you have choice. Let us help you find what best suits your animals' needs. 


Our team can deliver your farming supplies straight to your door. Helping to keep your animals fed and your farm running smoothly.